Root canal in Praireville

Where can I get a root canal in Praireville?

Have you been told you require a root canal in Praireville? Many people shudder at the mere mention of root canal therapy because of the outdated notion that it’s very uncomfortable. However, modern anesthetics have made the procedure about as irritating as a routine dental filling. At our practice, we combine compassion with leading-edge technology to deliver dental care that carefully addresses the needs of the patient while keeping their comfort a main consideration.

Root canal in Praireville

Oak Grove Dental Care is home to the talented Dr. Fletcher S. Sutton III, who considers it a privilege to serve the dental needs of his beloved Ascension Parish, LA. At his state-of-the-art facility, he has helped countless patients alleviate their discomfort and restore their smile to mint condition so you can be confident you’re in capable hands. If you have been told you require a root canal in Praireville, the nerve tissue in the interior of your tooth has become irreparably damaged and requires removal. Dr. Sutton will extract the diseased pulp and seal the canals of the tooth to prevent reinfection while using lead-edge anesthetics to ensure you experience little discomfort. Don’t fret if you require root canal therapy. The pain caused by the extensive dental decay is often more uncomfortable than the procedure. At Oak Grove Dental Care, we’ve helped many patients save damaged teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted. With a 95% success rate, root canal treatment is a reliable way to preserve your natural smile.

If you require a root canal in Praireville, it’s important to seek treatment promptly before the tooth becomes unsalvageable. At Oak Grove Dental Care, we’ll make sure you receive the highest levels of individualized attention over the course of a procedure made as comfortable as possible. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.


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