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The very mention of root canal therapy can make most people feel uneasy. We tend to assume – erroneously – that root canal therapy is accompanied by a great amount of discomfort. In fact, with all the advances in dentistry and modern anesthesia in recent years, a root canal is relatively straight-forward and very common procedure that can be performed very comfortably and an extremely high success rate. Oak Grove Dental is home to your family dentist in Prairieville who can expertly provide a wide range of general, restorative and cosmetic services to restore your smile to mint condition.

Dentist in Prairieville

A root canal is a procedure designed to save a tooth suffering from severe decay or damage, perhaps caused by injury.  Root canal therapy is called for to save a tooth when the tissue inside the tooth, known as the pulp, becomes irreversibly damaged. The procedure involves removing the damaged pulp from the interior of the tooth. Your dentist in Prairieville, at Oak Grove Dental, will then disinfect and seal the canals to prevent reinfection and avoid further complications. In many cases, a crown will be custom fabricated to fit over the restored tooth. At Oak Grove Dental, our highly-skilled dental professionals have extensive experience performing root canal therapy and every member of our compassionate staff considers your comfort a top priority. We will make use of the appropriate anesthetics so you can rest assured you will be comfortable throughout the procedure. So, don’t hesitate – when root canal therapy is required, it’s important to have treatment promptly for the greatest success in saving and restoring your tooth.

We hope you are assured that the reality of root canal therapy is quite different from the popular misconception. Advances in dental technology have rendered it a relatively simple procedure with a success rate of about 95%.  Call your family dentist in Prairieville at Oak Grove Dental to schedule a consultation today.


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